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Health & Wellness

Often day-to-day operations, habits, and lifestyles can create serious, undetected diseases.  Even if you’re not experiencing symptoms, seeking wellness care can help identify any concerns early on and lead to a long, healthy life. Bolden Harris, DC, and the team at Family Wellness at Teravista in Round Rock, Texas, offer health and wellness treatments to patients of all ages. Whether you’re looking to boost your immunity or nervous system, improve nutrition, or create an exercise routine, the team offers several supportive treatments. To learn more, reach out online or call the friendly staff today.

Health & Wellness Q & A

When should I seek health and wellness treatments?

You don’t have to have symptoms to seek treatments, as many can be prevented. You may want to reach out if you do have issues, such as:

  • Chronic or acute joint or muscle pain
  • Restricted mobility 
  • Muscle weakness 
  • Low energy 
  • Sports injuries
  • Car accident injuries 
  • Post-surgery or illness recovery needs
  • Trouble losing weight 
  • Arthritis 
  • Nutritional deficiencies 

You may also seek treatment if you’d like to improve your athletic performance or want to support a healthy pregnancy. 

How do health and wellness programs benefit me?

At Family Wellness at Teravista, certified nutritionists and personal trainers base all guidance on science and their plethora of experience in the field. 

For all ages, programs ensure healthy development and prevent health concerns in the future. 

What health and wellness treatments do you offer?

The team performs an evaluation of your medical history, symptoms, and ambitions. They then develop a tailored health and wellness plan.

Infrared sauna 

Infrared sauna therapy heats your body directly, penetrating tissue, joints, and muscles. This produces a detoxifying sweat at the cellular level, where many toxins reside. 

The sauna provides other benefits like reducing blood pressure, weight loss, anti-aging, pain relief, cardiovascular stimulation, improved cell health, relaxation, and help healing injuries. 

Fitness training 

The on-site gym allows you to work directly with a personal trainer. They help you develop new workout routines, learn stretching techniques, or educate you on ways to avoid injury.

Fitness training benefits anyone looking to get into better shape or is helpful if you’re recovering from an injury or illness. 

Fitness blood tests

Your provider takes fitness blood tests on-site and sends them to an outside lab. These tests track and monitor your biomarkers, helping determine the effectiveness of your exercise and nutrition routines. 

Blood tests are helpful for athletes looking to improve their performance or if you’d like to better understand your general health and improve your workouts.

Science-based nutrition 

Experienced nutritionists work with you to recognize nutritional deficiencies (through blood tests), recommend vitamins and supplements, develop healthy meal plans, and learn about ways to mitigate diseases and conditions. 

Nutrition can help you heal from an injury or illness or boost your immunity, mood, and energy. 

Family Wellness at Teravista does everything in its power to bring you optimal health. Reach out online or by phone today to book an appointment.